Easy Steps on the Best Way to Choose a Powerful Domain Name for Your New Venture

Best Way to Choose a Powerful Domain Name

As you introduce your new business to the market, you must figure out how to expand it. And since the real world and the internet are so closely connected, your company’s growth strategy must involve both an offline and an online approach. And when it comes to a company’s online growth strategy, it’s no secret that using a premium domain name is the simplest solution to build a powerful online presence that will enable you to expand your brand quickly. So why should you care about which domain name your business has and what’s the best way to choose a domain name?

Rather than a 20-character-long web address with useless symbols and numbers, every online business strategy needs to implement a unique domain name that will draw customers’ attention and remain in their hearts.

And to guide you in selecting a domain that will improve your online performance, we’ve provided some valuable guidelines to help you find the perfect premium domain name for your new business venture: 

How to select an awesome domain name in three easy steps.

The best way to choose a domain name is by following these simple steps.

Establish a domain that you can integrate into your brand.

Your domain would only be most effective if it’s easy to grasp. Brandable names are distinct, easily recognizable, and fitting for your business. This name would be the basis for your online branding activities and give it a persona to grow into. 

The best premium domain names are generally excellent fits for the businesses they represent. Because brandable domain names are EMDs (Exact Match Domains) commonly obtained from strong business names, they are the best approach for business owners who want to improve the value and effect of their domains in the online space. 

This indicates that establishing a solid brand name will allow you to get a good, premium domain name that correctly portrays your business. And one way to find a perfect business name is to utilize a good company name generator.

Short and to the point, but also keep it interesting.

Another crucial criterion is to choose a domain name that is short, simple, catchy, and easy to recollect. 

Concise web addresses are vital as they are easy to recall, refer to, and navigate online without making errors.

This is without mentioning how well a short and straightforward domain name gets around the problem of our limited human memory

But because most of these words are still in use, short domains between three and five characters are some of the toughest to get a hold of. But at times, you can find them being auctioned on domain marketplaces, though at high prices.

Try to register a TLD (Top-Level Domain).

Top-level domains with the “.com,” “.org,” and “.net” extensions are widely considered as premium domains because these extensions are among the most well-known options available, regardless of the internet’s growth.

Based on the Domain Name Association, there are now over 1500 new domain extensions, a 145% rise over recent years. But customers tend to believe that every domain name they want to visit has one of these top-level domain extensions mentioned above, especially the ‘.com’ extension.

Remember, that even though registrars price top-level domains far higher than lesser-known domains, every enterprise must have one. However, if you cannot obtain a ‘.com’ domain for your business, you could still adopt country-code TLDs. These TLDs include ‘.us’ and ‘.co,’ as well as rising TLD extensions such as ‘.io’ and ‘.co.uk.’

Use keywords carefully.

When you choose a domain name, consider embedding market keywords in it. It’s a proven and effective way to quickly provide more details regarding your company and product to your target clients. Use words like health, diet, and green for health and wellness brands; or classy, pretty, and stylish if you’re starting a fashion brand.

Keyword-based web addresses are widespread in the domain sector. This is because they rapidly connect with your clients and are simple to create.

However, a considerable disadvantage is that these domain names could restrict your future expansion. If in the future you want to expand into other markets, they would limit your business to a particular niche or industry, making it difficult for your company to enter other markets.

It’s also worth noting that despite popular belief, keywords in the domain name are not beneficial for SEO. Just because you have billybobsplumbing.com doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll rank for “plumbing” any better.  

Act fast and get your domain name!

When you choose a great domain name for your enterprise, like everything associated with entrepreneurship, will be tricky. However, we’re sure that the insights we’ve shared here have supplied you with the knowledge you need to choose the most suitable one for your venture.

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Grant Polachek is the head of branding for Squadhelp.com, 3X Inc 5000 startup and disruptive naming agency. Squadhelp has reviewed more than 1 million names and curated a collection of the best available names on the web today. We are also the world’s leading crowdsource naming platform, supporting clients from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies.