6 Business Card Ideas in 2022 for Inspiration

Business Card Ideas in 2022 for Inspiration

You obviously want your business to stand out, but what about business cards? Are they still relevant? Should you get them for your small business? If you do, what design options should you think about? Well, we’ve got some business card ideas for 2022 and beyond. We’ll also answer your burning questions.

As a business owner, it’s imperative to stay ahead of the trends, and business cards are no different. You want your business card to reflect your business accurately, and if you’re not keeping up with the latest trends, your business card will quickly become outdated. Here are a few business card ideas trending in 2022.

By the way, stick around to the end as we’ll show you some excellent examples.

QR codes will direct recipients to an online platform.

Easy to create, QR codes can be included on business cards and then scanned with a smartphone to direct the recipient to an online platform such as your website, social media profile, or e-commerce store. This is a great way to make it easy for potential customers to find out more about your business without typing in a long URL.

Looking for ways to stand out, businesses are increasingly turning to luxury finishes such as embossing and gold leafing. These finishes can add a touch of luxury to your business card and make it more memorable. Of course, these aren’t for all businesses (looking at you landscapers), but if your business targets high-end clients, these finishes could be worth the investment.

The simple and elegant design will rule.

Once upon a time, businesses tried to cram as much information as possible onto their business cards. These days, however, the trend is for simplicity and elegance. A business card with a simple design that is easy to read and understand will be more effective than one overloaded with information. This is where QR codes and NFC chips shine.

Bold colors will make businesses stand out.

We’ve seen this trend emerge in the past year, showing no signs of slowing down. Businesses are using bold colors to make their business cards stand out from the crowd. This is a great way to get noticed, but be careful not to go too overboard. You don’t want your business card to be so loud that it’s difficult to read.

NFC chips will become more common.

Near-field communication (NFC) chips are becoming increasingly popular for storing information on business cards. These chips can store a wide range of information, from contact details to links to your website or social media profiles. While the tech isn’t necessarily new, NFC business cards are still relatively new, so they’re sure to turn heads.

Biodegradable materials will be used for printing.

Business cards made from biodegradable materials such as bamboo or recycled paper are a great choice if you’re going for a sustainable option. These materials are not only environmentally friendly but also look great and give your business card a unique edge. When you design the card, throw on a small caption to show that it’s made from sustainable materials.

What should be on a business card?

As we discussed, some businesses try to throw too much information on their business cards. This can make the card difficult to read and understand, so you must be selective about what you include. Here are some of the most important things to have on your business card—

  • Your name and title. Simple, to the point.
  • Your business name. This is a no-brainer.
  • Your contact details. Don’t overdo this. Just list the ways you would want customers or associates to contact you.
  • A short tagline or slogan. The whole point of a tagline is to be memorable, so make sure it’s something that will stick in people’s minds.
  • An image or logo. Your branding is everything, and business cards are one of the epicenters of your branding.
  • QR code or NFC chip. While these are optional, they are a great way to direct the attention of business card recipients to your online presence.

Are business cards worth the expense?

Absolutely! Sure, there are some cheaper alternatives, but business cards are still one of the most effective marketing tools—and they’re not that expensive at just a few cents per card. They’re a great way to make a lasting impression and an essential part of your business branding. The more you get your brand in front of people, the more likely they will remember it when they need your services.

Plus, with all the new business card trends emerging, there’s no reason not to invest in a high-quality business card that will make your business stand out.

Our favorite designs from our portfolio.

Alright, now to the good stuff. We’ve scoured our business card portfolio to find just a few of our favorite designs from the past year. Hopefully, these business card ideas will give you some inspiration in 2022. Check out the business cards below for some major motivation.

This modern and abstract approach is great for an architect or other similar business.
We incorporated a QR code for this simple, elegant, and neutral-colored business card. We’ve seen an uptick in QR codes in business card ideas in 2022 and expect it to continue into next year and beyond.
Bold colors go a long way in making your brand memorable.
This bike shop wanted a simple, calm, and retro feel to its card.