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At Arbor Green Design, we always appreciate hearing from our customers. Whether you have a question about one of our services or just want to give us some feedback, we’re always happy to help.

We strive to answer all questions as quickly as possible, and we’re always working to improve our customer service. That’s why we’ve developed this comprehensive list of FAQs.

You may be able to find the answer to your question below, but if not, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Web Design

What is the process for designing and developing a website?

Our process starts with an initial consultation to discuss your project objectives, target audience, and budget. We then move on to the design phase, where we create a custom website design based on your specific needs. You’ll then have the opportunity to add, change, or remove any content or features before we publish it. We include rigorous testing and quality assurance throughout the entire process to ensure that your website is up to par on all major internet browsers. Finally, we launch the site and provide ongoing support and maintenance.

How much does it cost to design and develop a website?

Costs can vary depending on the size and scope of your project. Our team will work with you to develop a custom quote based on your specific needs.

What kind of websites do you design and develop?

Any kind! We have experience developing all types of websites, from small business sites to large eCommerce platforms; however, we do prefer working with small business owners. No matter what you need, we can build it.

Do you have any examples of your work?

Of course! We would be happy to show you some examples of our work. We do publish case studies from time to time. However, if you want to see some more, just contact us, and we will send you some of our previous projects.

How long does it take to design and develop a website?

Typically, the design and development process takes 2-3 weeks, depending on the project size. We always aim to deliver your project on time and within budget. The draft of your site is usually ready within a week, then going back and forth with you to get content and photos, as well as finalizing any changes, can take a few more weeks.

What if I need help with my website after it's been launched?

No problem! We offer an ongoing support and maintenance package to all of our clients. We can help you with anything from adding new content to troubleshooting any technical issues you may be experiencing.

Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO, and how can it help my business?

SEO is short for “Search Engine Optimization.” It is a long-term marketing strategy employed to improve a website’s visibility and organic search results in google and other global search engines. In essence, the higher you are ranked on a search engine, the more likely people are to find your website. The more people that visit your website, the more likely you are to generate leads and sales.

How do I know if my website is optimized for SEO?

If your website is not appearing on the first page of search results, or if your website traffic has plateaued, it may be time to consider implementing an SEO strategy. You can also use Google Analytics and Google Search Console to track organic traffic and keywords. If you see a decline in organic traffic or specific keywords disappearing from your Google Analytics or Google Search Console data, your website may need optimizing.

How can I improve my website's ranking on search engines?

There are an estimated 200 ranking factors used by Google and other global search engines when determining which websites to rank on the first page. However, some fundamentals to improve your website’s ranking include-

  • Ensure your website is mobile-friendly and loads at a decent speed.
  • Verify you’re using title tags, meta tags, schema, and other on-page elements correctly.
  • Creating high-quality, original content that is keyword rich and relevant to your audience.
  • Building backlinks from high-quality websites that are relevant to your niche or industry.

Who writes the content for the SEO articles?

We have in-house and freelance writers that can produce SEO-rich articles for your website. They conduct thorough research on your niche or industry to produce well-written, informative articles optimized for SEO.

However, if you already have content on your website, we can optimize it to be more search engine friendly.

All of our content is professionally reviewed and edited to ensure it meets the highest standards. That’s the benefit of working with a US-based SEO agency. 

Why is SEO an ongoing process?

When you implement an SEO strategy, you are not just trying to rank higher in the short term. You are looking to build a solid foundation that will continue to pay dividends long into the future.

SEO is an ongoing process because the algorithm of global search engines is constantly changing. To maintain and improve your ranking, you need to keep up with the latest algorithm changes and trends. You want your site to be current and relevant, which means regular updates and fresh content.

Additionally, your competitors are also working on their SEO, so it is essential to continually monitor their progress and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Do you provide reports on SEO progress?

Absolutely! We provide customized and detailed monthly reports on your website’s progress, including traffic statistics, keyword rankings, backlink growth, and much more. Each report is tailored to your specific website and goals.

Our reporting is designed to be clear and concise, so you can easily track your progress and understand what is working.

Payments & Invoicing

Do you offer any discounts?

We sure do! First responders, educators, and veterans always receive a discount on our services. Just mention it when you contact us, and we will apply it to your project. It’s our way of saying thank you for all you do.

Do you have any hidden fees?

No, we do not have any hidden fees. The quote we give you will include everything from design to development to launch. You won’t be charged any extra fees without having a thorough discussion first.

What is your refund policy?

Unfortunately, due to the digital nature of our services, we do not offer refunds. However, we want you to be happy with your website and will work with you to ensure that you are.

How do I receive my invoice?

We use a third party service to send our invoices to you via email. The invoice includes a PDF outlining the requirements and the payment terms for the services rendered.

If you would like another representative to receive the invoice, please let us know and we’ll set that up.

What are your payment terms?

Since there’s no “one shoe fits all” in this industry, our payment terms vary from service to service.

  • Project-based requirements. We require a 50% deposit to initiate the project, and the remaining 50% is due upon completion of the project.
  • Hourly requirements. We invoice weekly and require payment within seven days.
  • Ongoing monthly retainer requirements. We require payment on the day services start and recur monthly on that date.

Can I cancel my services?

Of course! We understand that things come up and you may need to cancel your service. Just contact us as soon as possible and we will cancel your service with no penalty. However, please note that we do not offer refunds for services that have already been rendered nor do we prorate prepaid services.

When you cancel, we will back up your site (not email) and turn off auto-renewal for your hosting and domain. We’ll send you a link to download your backup; however, we’ll only keep the backup available for 30 days. After that, it may be deleted permanently.

If you decide to reactivate your service at a later date, there will be a $150 reactivation fee.


What are your hours of operation?

We don’t exactly have set hours of operation since we’re a small company and don’t have too many employees. However, someone is usually in the office from around 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday. If you need to get in touch with us outside of those hours, feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call, and we’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Where are you located?

To keep our costs low, we don’t have a brick-and-mortar office. Instead, we operate primarily online and visit client locations as needed. However, if you’re ever in the Gatesville, TX area, we’d be happy to meet up with you and chat!

What areas do you serve?

We primarily serve the Central Texas area from Killeen to Waco and Austin to Houston. However, we also provide our digital marketing services nationwide. So no matter where you’re small business is located, we can help grow your business.

What is the best way to contact you?

We try to make it as easy as possible for our clients to get in touch with us. You can reach us by calling, texting, emailing, or even through our website’s contact form.

How can I schedule an appointment?

Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to schedule an appointment for you. We understand that everyone’s time is valuable, so we’ll do our best to accommodate your schedule.

If you’d prefer, you can schedule a consult on our website. Just fill out the form, and someone will get back to you to confirm the details.