Small Business Graphic Design

Small Business Graphic and Logo Design

Logo and graphic design are so important for your small business but far too often this is an area where most fall short or cut corners. It’s simply an area that gets overlooked.

A business could go without a website or even social media – although it shouldn’t – but it will still have a need for a graphics, or at the very least a logo. From business cards to signage on a window, the reasons for graphic design are endless.

As important as graphic design is for small businesses, the fact is that most don’t have the ability to have an in-house nor the know-how. Many businesses miss out on this key messaging component.

Professional and Recognizable Image

Graphics and images can give a small business a professional look and feel – or have the exact opposite effect and make them look unprofessional.

Small business graphic design, professionally designed, can make a small business look like a Fortune 500 company, while poorly design graphics can turn-off customers.

With the right color combinations, typography, and logo integration, a small business can build trust and familiarity throughout their industry or local area.

Ever see a service truck with a flashy logo, phone number, and website address on the side of it? It catches your eye! You remember it and thousands of people see it everyday.

Everywhere you look there are graphics and logos competing for – and winning – your attention. Surely you wouldn’t want to be left out.

One of the most critical components of graphic design is logo development. The logo is the face of your brand and often the first thing a customer sees.

Small Business Logos on Signage
Small businesses need graphic and logo design for signage in front of their establishments.

Think about it. Your logo is printed on your business stationary, embroidered on your tee shirts, and published on your various online profiles such as GMB, Yelp, etc. It is the most publicized element of your business and easily the most recognizable.

Everything that goes into a logo is recognizable from the colors to the typography.

Customers will come to associate your logo with your services, your industry, and everything you stand for.

A logo doesn’t have to be fancy, as it only has to represent your business and be recognizable. Clean, crisp, and easy to understand what your business does is all that is required.

It is essential that you have a high resolution logo capable of being printed on anything. Also consider how many colors are used as this will affect the cost of printing t-shirts and other business stationary.

Now that you have the perfect business logo, let’s discuss what else you might want to communicate to your potential customers.

Meaningful and Relevant Graphic Design

When designing graphics, think about what message you’re trying to communicate. After all, graphic design is just another form of visual communication.

What do you want to say to potential customers as they walk by your storefront? Say it with a graphic!

Your graphics should be meaningful and convey whichever thoughts or ideas. They should be relevant to your business and ultimately your customers.

SEO Graphic for Small Businesses
This is a graphic we have used in our social media posts as well as various other places. It’s clean, highlights our brand, and is relevant to what we’re communicating.

A sales ad for example, what you’re really trying to do is convince customers to make a purchase. Therefore, your graphics should highlight the products, possibly someone using the products, and probably some text describing the sale.

An image says a thousand words, so think about what you want those words to be and what images would capture that – then get the graphic in front of people.

Sharing on Your Graphics on Social Media

Designing the perfect, most-relevant and awe-inspiring graphic is pointless if nobody can see it. Social media (or your website) is a perfect place to publish it.

Social media has become a de facto communication platform for millions of businesses. Posting your business’s ideas, sales, products, and everything else is more important than ever.

With each and every post on Twitter, Facebook, or one of the countless other networks you should consider posting images or graphics. Why? Because images get 2.3 times more engagement than plain text posts.

As you’re posting your images to Facebook, take the time to slap on your logo before you post. Now your brand will follow that image as it gets viewed and shared.

Enhance your business with professional graphic design.

At this point you can probably agree that small business graphic design is essential. It is a key component to your branding campaign and building familiarity with your customers.

First and foremost, make sure your have a clean and easily identifiable logo and cleanly integrate it into the rest of your graphics.

There are many considerations when it comes to graphic design for your small business, but that’s why we’re here. We can help your business by designing the perfect logo that highlights your brand and other graphics to effectively communicate to your customers.