Website Hosting and Maintenance for Small Businesses

Small Business Website Hosting and Maintenance

Ever wonder where your business’s website lives? Or any website for that matter?

Small Business Web Hosting Server
This is a typical server farm that hosts hundreds of websites. Photo from The Web Kitchen.

A website, at is very core is simply a collection of files and data organized on a server and commercial website hosting is a service that stores these files until a user is ready for them.

Think of it as an app on your phone. The app stores your information, images, and various other data, and displays it to you when you open the app.

web server is somewhat of the same thing, just instead of displaying it on a screen in your hand, it has to send it over the world wide web and to the screen in your hand.

This is how your customers are able to reach your website any day from any where. However, so can attackers.

Website Security and Backups to Keep Your Business Online

A server is vulnerable to hacks and attacks – just like your phone and laptop. The server can get hacked, the hardware can be taken over by intruders, the files on your website can be modified, and sensitive information can be stolen.

Whether you have a shared web hosting service or dedicated hosting, you’re website is vulnerable to attack.

Small Business Website Security and Performance Updates

Don’t worry, however. Just as antivirus or malware protection software keeps your laptop safe, there is similar software for websites on a server.

Oftentimes hackers will exploit outdated software on servers to gain access to the websites they host. That’s why it is critical to continuously update that the server software and website with the latest security patches.

Of course there is always the chance that your website can still get hacked, or taken down regardless of the protections and updates your web hosting company has in place.

For this reason, regular backups should be conducted daily. Most of the best web hosting services will provide regular backups for a small monthly fee.

Not only that, the backups should reside at a separate location on a separate server, or as we like to call it, remotely. These backups are copies of your files and databases that make up your website and can be restored as necessary to undo any mischievous things a hacker does to your website.

Website Data Encryption is a Must to Protect You and Your Customers’ Information

In addition to protecting your files from outsiders, you also want to protect the data during the transmission between the server and your customers.

We use a technology called SSL/TLS (secure socket layer / transport layer security). This encrypts the data going to and from the server and the users. Sometimes it’s referred to as HTTPS (versus just plain ol’ HTTP you might’ve seen thrown around the internet).

Do you see that small lock at the top of your browser window next to the web address?

That indicates the website is protected with a SSL/TLS technology. This is how you know it’s safe enough to enter in your credit card and make a transaction – nobody else is going to intercept it.

HTTPS and SSL is Great for SEO
HTTPS is critical for small business SEO. You can tell if your website hosting has SSL because you’ll see a small lock at the top of your browser.

An added benefit of SSL is the SEO juice that comes with it. Google made HTTPS a ranking signal around 2014, although some websites have been slow to get on board.

It goes to show that security is a primary concern for Google, your users, and it should be for you as well.

Don’t Wait – Get the best website hosting and maintenance for your small business website.

Just because you have a slick website doesn’t mean you can set it and forget it. You need to make sure it’s taken care of. You need updates, patches, and fixes constantly to stay on top of ever evolving threats. That’s why your small business needs a reputable host for your site.

We offer small businesses website hosting and maintenance services to provide owners a peace of mind. You focus on your business, we take care of the technical stuff. Our hosted servers for small business are always well-maintained and monitored 24/7 to ensure your business is always online.

You can always be sure that your website is up and running and serving all of your customers at any given time.

Don’t worry about security patches, performance updates, or nightly backups because we take care of all of it for you. Simply shoot us a note or give us a call.